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 Street and Sidewalk Design for New York

 Outdoor Plaza Design and Installation, Upper East Side, NY   
  Sidewalk Trees, Topiaries and Seasonal Changeouts, Upper East Side, NY   
Trees, Seasonal Changeouts and Monthly Maintenance, Upper East Side, NY 

 Garbage Enclosures: Brownstone and Townhouse

Receptacles hidden by Boxwood and Ivy for Residential Townhouse
Garbage Enclosure hidden by Boxwood and Perennials for Residential Townhouse 
Residential Entrances
Boxwood, Trees and Shrubs, Residential Building, NY 
 Boxwood in Custom Made Planters, Trees and Seasonal Plantings 
Outdoor Plaza Garden Design
Seasonal Rotations in Custom Made Bowls with Florals for Reception. Class A Office Space, Midtown Manhattan
  Outdoor Public Plaza, Class A Office Space, Midtown Manhattan  
 Retail Work: Street Landscapes
Custom Boxwood and Cement Planters for Retail Store, Midtown, NY  
 Custom Engraved Cement Planters, Blood Good Red Maples, and Magnolia Trees  for Retail Store, Midtown, NY  
100 Year Old Barnwood Planters with Boxwood and Seasonal Changeouts for Restaurant, Harlem, NY  
Townhouse Entrance: Before and After
Street Level Patio Deck: Before and After 
Rear View - Same Terrace
We believe we are the most transparent of urban landscapers. We offer free, honest advice, line-item proposals
and same day installation. 
Custom Made Fence, Tile, Outdoor Fireplace and Landscape Decor, Private Residence, New York, NY
Seasonal Change-outs for Outdoor Corporate Plaza, NY, NY 
Junpier Topiaries and Seasonal Changeout for Midtown Hotel, NY, NY  
Street Tree Plantings
NYC Health and Human Services Building, Long Island City, NY
 We are Street Tree installers and expediters.
Benefit from years of experience working with the NYC Parks Department. Get your trees planted now! 
Artist Gallery, Far West Village, NY  

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