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New York City’s
Plant Rental Source

Plant Rental for Video Shoot, New York, NY 
Trusted for Event and Corporate Rentals

Topiaries, Trees, Boxwood and Custom Engraved Planters, New York, NY 

Fresh Flowers, Live Sod and Trees for Spring Photoshoot, Times Square, NY
Bar-Mitzvah Celebration, New York, NY  

 Spring Fashion Show, New York, NY

 Tree Rental and Custom Flowers for Private Event, Intrepid Museum, New York, NY

Citrus Trees and Live Sod, New York, NY
Plants and Tree Rental for New Orleans-Inspired Jazz Party, New York, NY 
 Flowering Trees, Live Topiary and Boxwood Balls, Artificial Boxwood. Premiere Party, New York, NY
 Areca Palms 5' - 6' 
 Trees, Ferns and Hanging Ivy for Premiere Party, New York, NY

  Live Boxwood with Custom Made Planter Rental for Large Corporate Event, New York, NY

 300 feet of Privet, New York, NY

Topiary and Boxwood Decor for Red Carpet Event, New York, NY 
Faux Boxwood Hedges 
Faux Boxwood Hedge, 4' Tall  x 3' Wide - $250.00 each
 Faux Boxwood Topiary - Classic NYC Event Decor

Conical Boxwood Hedge, 8' Tall  x 3' Wide - $395.00 each 

 Faux Boxwood Hedge, 6' Tall  x 3' Wide - $350.00 each
 Faux Boxwood Hedge, 8' Tall  x 4' Wide - $495.00 each 
 Faux Boxwood Hedge, 10' Tall  x 4' Wide - $595.00 each

 Faux Boxwood Hedge, 10' Tall  x 6' Wide - $895.00 each - Custom Sizes Also Available

Every job is catered to your budget.
Sukkah Decoration, Bryant Park 

Talk to our experts: find the perfect plants for your space and occasion. Our staff will send you a line-item proposal for you to review. 
 Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY
We provide all the pictures, descriptions and everything you need to make an informed decision.
 Fall Fashion Week
 Fall Fashion Show, New York, NY
Contact our design consultants by email, or call us at (718) 784-4527.
Privet Hedge, 8' Tall  x 6' Wide Sections - $995.00 each 
Plants we carry in our greenhouse:

Arborea palm
Bamboo palm
Bird of Paradise palm
Balfour aralia
Corn plant
Citrus Tree
Chinese evergreen (aglaonema)
Column Cactus (Branched)
Date palm
Dwarf Schefflera Standard
Dragon tree plant
Dragon tree staggered
Dragon tree branched
Dinnerplate aralia
Emerald beauty
English ivy
Ficus alli
Ficus Benjimina
Ficus Lyrata
Grape ivy plant
Golden pothos
Heartleaf philodendron
Hawaiian schefflera bush
Janet craig plant
Janet craig ‘compacta’
Kentia Palm
Lady (Rhapis) palm
'Lady Jane' Anthurium plant
Lemon lime (dracaena)
Ming aralia
Min aralia bonsai
Mass Cane plant
Mauna Loa Supreme (Spathiphyllum)
Neanthe Bella palm
Needlepoint ivy
Peace lily (Spathiphyllum)
Ponytail palm
Pencil cactus (Euphorbia)
Reflexa plant
Schefflera bush
Schefflera tree
Spineless Yucca
Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta)
Triangle palm
Weeping podocarpus plant

40' Tree Rental
For plant rentals in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island. New Jersey: plant rentals are available in Englewood, Fort Lee, Jersey City, Newark and Union City, New Jersey. Connecticut: plant rentals are available in Greenwich, Stamford, Westport and Norwalk.