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New York's Oldest Running Orchid Delivery Service.
When you order from Interior Foliage, you're ordering the freshest orchids in the tri-state area.  

Interior Foliage also provides monthly service for office and home!:
1. We'll deliver orchids to your business or residence, and make sure they look spectacular! This service includes automatic replacements when needed.

Take advantage today.
E-mail or call: (718) 784-4527
About our long-lasting Orchids:
Interior Foliage uses Phalaenopsis (fayl-eh-NOP-siss) orchids for corporate accounts and everyday gifts. Declared by the American Orchid Society as "America's Favorite Orchid," no other orchid supplies so many blooms for so long. Most orchid gifts delivered by Interior Foliage last approximately 6-8 weeks. Orchids love bright, diffused light and constant moisture. Customers who receive the orchid as a gift are encouraged to water once a week.
Orchids & Interior Foliage:
Interior Foliage loves orchids. We use orchids in floral arrangements, as gift plants, and we have a wide variety of silk and artificial orchids for delivery in New York City. Buy them online, or stop by our New York City greenhouse and seem them in person! We're only 2 blocks from the 36th avenue stop in Long Island City.
Delivery Zones:
We deliver fresh orchids to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. We also deliver orchids to Jersey City, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk County. For fresh orchids, orchid floral arrangements, and silk orchids in New York City, Interior Foliage has you covered.